Validation Comes From Within

Where Your Value Is

It is only through much introspection and meditation that we can truly come to understand ourselves. That statement may sound cheesy or cliche, but it is true none the less.  Many times I focus not only on what I’ve done recently, but also what I’ve done throughout my life.

As I sit here writing as a 36 year old man I can recall some times in my life when I was young.  I think back and remember how my life used to be. Remembering about not only what I did, but also to some degree what motivated me to do things.  I can recall times when I was nervous, afraid, happy, or sad and I think about the reason that a particular situation made me feel any of those emotions. Through this I have come to realize that in my youth my motivation to do a lot of the things I did was either for my own satisfaction or to somehow garner praise from others.  I often times would do things and would seek validation for what I did from others.

Why Do We Do This?

Seeking validation for what we do from others is something that we do out of weakness and uncertainty. Children often seek validation from others because they lack confidence in themselves and in what they do. They are uncertain and in turn it makes them uneasy or afraid. This causes them to seek the validation of someone else for reassurance. They will run to someone that they view as confident or knowledgeable.  This is usually an adult.

To some degree we all suffer from this problem.  Some way more than others.  When you become a man you must put away your childish ways.  We must grow from our experiences in life as children and become men. That means putting away your childish uncertainty and adopting the confidence of a man.

You must become the adult that children(and women) run to for validation.  You must become a man.

As a man you must constantly be trying to make yourself better, always striving for perfection. IT IS ONLY THROUGH THE REPETITION OF PERFECT PRACTICE THAT WE ATTAIN PERFECTION!

Everything Is A Test

Study the world around you.

Master yourself and build your mind to exude strength.  The stronger you become the more confident you will be.  The more confident you become the less likely you will be to seek validation from others for your actions.  It’s one thing to ask for someone’s opinion or to seek advice.  A wise man seeks wise council.  Don’t confuse that with seeking others approval to validate your actions.

Part of being a man is being confident in yourself and your abilities.  Sure we all make mistakes and we’re all wrong sometimes, but we can’t let this cause us to continually doubt ourselves as men.  Being paralyzed by fear and uncertainty will cause us to hesitate and not take action when the time comes.  That makes you weak and in this world we can’t afford to be weak.  A man needs to be strong and decisive. You can’t be either if you are always seeking validation from others though.  Due to this fact we must stop seeking it.

As a man you must realize that validation comes from within.

You as a man must become a centralized source of power. Stop doubting yourself.  Stop selling yourself short.  The world is yours for the taking. You must be a pillar of strength that is able to lift up others around you. As a man stand strong and validate your own thoughts and actions for yourself.

You Possess All You Need Within

You must KNOW that what you’re doing is right. 

When you know that.  No one needs to approve of what you do.  All that matters is that you approve of it.  Be your own man.  Own what you do in this life.  Take responsibility for yourself, step up and be the source of validation for yourself.  Don’t be weak and let the opinions of the insignificant, piss weak, or the gutless stand in the way of your decisions.

In the end it’s your choice to make.  Seek the validation of others and in turn let them run your life for you OR be the master of your own destiny.  Take control of yourself.  Take control of your life.  Empower yourself to be the source of your own validity.  Let all the validation of your actions in your life come from within YOU.


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