The Warrior Path And The Quest For Revenge

Of the many paths to traverse down this life, the path of the warrior is the only path for a man to know freedom.  With violence a man takes what he wants and with violence(or the threat of) he keeps it.   All noble virtues and codes of honor are mere justifications for the use of violence.  We do not hide behind words and oaths and codes of good conduct here.  The supreme law of the Jungle is what nature has decreed since time immemorial.

Through it only the strongest, most rigorous and fertile deserve the right to live on.  By this method only the best and fittest may continue upon this earth.

A savage reign of Kings.

All of man’s rules and his laws are established Mights that the victors have laid upon the vanquished.  Here I spoke on how the path to freedom is inevitably intertwined with violence.  For there is no greater Law and no greater Rule than you and the savage fire of your will.  For this man has become the Law.  Out of his mouth he binds his slaves.  Under numerous statutes he yokes their productivity for the fruit of his posterity.

By any and all means get you thy deepest heart’s desire.

Get you land.

Get you gold.

No matter if you must snatch it from the dead hands of littered corpses.  Or yank it from ashen debris of once proud provinces.  For the proud can be brought low and the haughty may beg for mercy.

So shut those doors and get to hiding!  When the man who TAKES comes a riding.

Way Of The Warrior

The warrior’s path is one of ascension.  Above and beyond mere mortals, the warrior carves his name in the heavens.  He splatters it across walls in the crimson ink of his enemies.  We did not ask to be put here, did not have a say in circumstances born into.  Yet the world owes us nothingSo we don’t owe a god damn thing back.

The path of the warrior calls out from bloody hands and whispers low in foreboding clouds.  With fire and anger tread the path of the strong.

Never show mercy nor ask it in return.  For such is the mark of the slave.

We don’t ask forgiveness!

We don’t want your tired moralizing and shallow altruisms. 

The mere sight of the masses and their empty lives of serfdom beckons any warrior to arms for quick and easy spoils.

Bravely follow this path and with pride laugh in the face of the Reaper.  Or you can do what everyone else does.  The easy and sure route. 

The old reliable.  You can wilt away on the couch like the sniveling house dog you are.  Or cause others to tremble in fear and bow in respect when your great and terrible visage deigns to gaze upon it’s subjects.

The Ultimate Quest Of Kings

Of all the great callings and bright stars which inspire the warrior along his path.  The greatest and most beautiful of all is the quest for Revenge.  When the weakling is wronged he prays to the gods and begs to the State.  To any power but himself he squirms like a worm and pleads pathetically for relief.

When the warrior is wronged he smiles.  He gathers to himself all the vicious strength and murderous rage of a million Avengers.  For he KNOWS that ONE DAY as the King is better than one hundred thousand lifetimes as a base bred serf. A fucking bitch.

Better to die reaching for the crown than kneel under it’s weight.

Such is the Way of the Warrior and the free man.  Who lives by the strength of his arm and the fire in his heart.  To wrong this man is to call down the fury of all the gods, all the powers and all demons of the underworld.  Nothing crystallizes the will and focuses the mind like woefully beautiful Revenge.

The warrior wronged is the Reaper living through human flesh.  With a dark scythe he sends the doomed to a bloody Hell.

The quest for revenge is a holy calling that every warrior hears in his savage heart.  We do not say an eye for an eye or tooth for tooth!

We say one thousand fucking eyes and ten thousand god damn teeth! 

The Grim Judge Of All

The man who has become a Law unto himself has assumed all the power of States, gods and Kings within his own self.  He says to the universe

I know the strength in these hands and I will use it to destroy everything and everyone against me.

A warrior and free man begs to no gods and pleads with no authorities.  It is all within him!  For it has been told that

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

So is all the power, all the will and all the fury of ten thousand lifetimes.  When you walk the path of the warrior you become the Judge of all you interact with.  It’s on you to stand on your own feet and handle your own affairs.  Weaklings whimper and whine that thou shalt not judgeth.  That is why they are slaves who serve.  Only those with power and strength have the ability to cast grim judgement on all transgressors.

To be the final Judge in your affairs with the fire of will and strength of arm to carry it out is divine.

Destroy Them All

Great is the man who will stop at nothing to achieve his ends.  Glorious is he who with stout heart and unstoppable will takes on everyone standing in his way.  Look to the stars in the embrace of a midnight sky.  Find one burning so peculiar, so luminously bright.

Igniting the holy fire of revenge and ascension in your heart.

For woe to the weakling who begs and pleads!

Woe to the cowardly serf!

For all honors, all praises, and all glories to the man who TAKES

Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.