Wolves Do Not Apologize To Sheep

In the modern world for some time now mankind has been inundated with this idea that the strong must apologize for their strength.  The victorious should ask forgiveness from the losers and degenerates who didn’t have the ability to win.  Madness!  What kind of a cesspool of reeking filth and rancid degeneracy is this kind of world?  The laws of nature and her primal decrees have been cast to the ground while those who could never survive on their own merit celebrate their “progress”.  Truly truly I say unto you, the modern world is a reeking bucket of useless eaters and wandering vagabonds.  A deformed basin filled to the brim with the most vile ingredients.  Turds swirling around a toilet bowl.

No soil is great enough they would courageously fight for.  No blood thick enough worth preserving.  Everywhere you go there is the sickly outstretched hand of some base bred mongrel begging for a handout.  We have entire industries of otherwise worthless, disgusting cretins lobbying to take your money at the tip of a loaded gun.  That gun being the federal government.

What kind of twilight zone derangement is one in which before the wolf eats the sheep, he carefully gathers them all together for emotional platitudes and a group hug before he devours their flesh?  To say that you are living in a malformed and unsustainable world would be an understatement.  The reality that the modern male must quickly realize is that his entire worldview and everything taught to him is evil of the blackest sort.

Master Or Slave

Make no mistake.  Surviving on this Savage earth means you must do whatever it takes to win.  Life is a zero sum game.  For you to win often means trampling hard over the deserving weak.  It means having no limits and no hesitation of thought with the violent and vicious means you will go to in protecting what’s yours.  To win in this game means you must become the Master or forever be taking it hard and deep like a bent over slave.  There is no in between.  You will TAKE whats yours or everything will be taken from you.

Are you eating or getting eaten?

To realize that you are a wolf means changing your entire view of the world and the people around you.  These are not your friends, your partners or your homies.  They are useless eaters and weak willed slaves.  They are your prey.  Were it not so would be quickly self evident by their strength and power.

One who knows and accepts this fact no longer feels sorry for his strength.  No.  He loves and cherishes the ascent to greatness.  He hungers ravenous to rip apart all who lay in his path.  To devour his enemies piece by piece like a succulent meal.

Never feel sorry for winning. 

In fact you should give praise to all that is climbing ever upwards.  Leave the crass and decrepit masses to their withering decay.  With courage rise above this filth and swat the gnats away without a thought.  Know in your heart that one day as the Master is better than a thousand lifetimes as a groveling beggar, a pitiless coward.

The Fire Of The Winner

What is the fire that burns in the strong?  What enriched fuel powers a man to win?  It is most definitely Courage.

With courage a man vanquishes his enemies, breaks down all barriers in front of him and ascends to heights undreamed of.  Courage is the elixir you must imbibe while you walk the path of Conqueror.  It is perfectly fine and normal to feel fear at times.  When you take the path less traveled there will be menacing beasts in your path.  Demons who would attempt to curtail you.  Without a doubt there will be lurking foes everywhere you go.  Courage is not the absence of fear.  It is doing whatever it takes in spite of fear.

Courage is the triumph of the will over emotion.

To inspire fear and trembling in others is not a vice but a virtue!  It is the power of the gods themselves.

Courage is the lifeblood of the man who is free.  Nothing can constrain him and no earthly force can stop him.  With courage go on the attack when all who oppose you expect your defeat.  With courage trample underfoot all the jeweled thrones of the earth and cast down the idols of the slain.  In it’s place erect a monument for all the conquered to see.  An obelisk of power etched in your name.

Yes my friends!  With courage TAKE all that is yours!

Love For All Good Things

Love what is beautiful.  Hate what is vile and ugly.  A man who does not hate is a man that does not love either.  Do not associate with such types.  For they are contemptible cowards and creeping degenerates.

What is good?

My friends, all that is good and all that is beautiful can be summed up in one word.


Anything which aids in your conquest upon this earth is good.  The joy of the winner is the doom of the weak.  Do not run from this thought but embrace it.  Love it.  All good things you must cherish with a whole heart.  Every thing which opposes you and everything which is ugly deserves your full hatred.  All that is weak, deformed and enfeebled is nothing but objects to direct your contempt.

The sun rises with radiant light upon the strong and sets low in the darkest, most despairing night upon the weak.

Woe unto the weak!

For the pits of Sheol and the fires of Gehenna are their resting place.

Strive hard all you Savage men.  Savor every moment and long to climb ever higher.

Ascend the throne of the Beast God.

In closing I leave you with a quote from the book Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard.  It is the bible for all Savage men.  You can read it for free here.

“You must tread on the necks of your enemies if you would win renown. It is success that makes the great man” was Napoleon’s dicta. The whole duty of man in
this world is to SUCCEED— to help himself, defeat his foes; outstrip his rivals. He who conquers not, is conquered  He who is unable to trample rough-shod over others, will assuredly be trampled by them. In the strength of his arm man eats his bread. In the sweat of his brow(and brain), the slave earns bread — for a master. All emotional rhetoric about “love one another,” “learn to labor and to wait,” etc., has a tendency to paralyze effort — to make victims rather than victors of men. Every man’s hand IS against every other man.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.