What Women Really Want Is A Winner

Whether you believe in a god(s) or whether you attribute all natural phenomena to nature, there is a divine strain which runs inexorably through us.  What primordial energy made it so that the weakest sex would naturally gravitate like moths to a flame towards the victors?  When a conquering invader came galloping through her squalid lands, a fragile heart must’ve skipped a beat.  It is this heartbeat which knows of no other law than that of her biology.

All notions of fidelity, loyalty and racial purity are but a trifle for the female when the man who TAKES gathers her to his bosom.  She could see her entire line be slaughtered and still get all warm and wet inside within the arms of her murderous Beast God.  The woman is the most cunning and pragmatic creature of us all.  She will do whatever it takes to survive and replicate.  Even if that means the eradication of her own kin, her own lands and her own nations.  She will run wildly into the arms of the most dangerous men who never cared to ask anyone’s permission.  Her biology will have it so that she instantly abandons all pretenses and all lofty idealisms at the moment she beholds the irresistible sight a mother fucking WINNER.

These Hos Aint Loyal

As sure as the sun does shine, man is ever the more romantic kind.  When you take the bulk of a man’s choices and compare them side by side with the females in your life, tell me is this maxim not true?  It is the male who invented such ideas as chivalry.  Quite natural for him to want to wrap his arms of protection around a creature which by all obvious accounts seems weaker.

It is the man who gets down on one knee, who writes love poems to his damsel and waxes poetic in song and theater about his unrequited love.

Perhaps there was some advantage towards behaving like a such a fucking turd in past times.  However it is only a bright and shining example of pitiful weakness in today’s world.  A festering and gaping wound whereby all of his life force is drained to the very last drop and for what exactly?

At the end of the male’s pathetic prostration, there lay all his dignity, all his strength and the raisin shriveled nuts of a fucking moron.  Females do not know of such a logical value as loyalty.  They do not know and nor do they care.  For her biology compels her to mate with only the victor.  Only the man who tears down walls, exterminates his enemies and grabbing her by the fucking tufts of her hair drags that bitch back to his quarters.  Who with violent thrusts plants deep inside her the seed of a Conqueror.

The Horror Of Romantic Love

The modern idea of romantic love is a faggot’s invention.  Only in the past 200 years or so of putrid post Victorianism do we see men abandoning all reason, all will to power and all sense to grovel before a single bearded clam.  Not only does he grovel, he signs a business agreement with his soul and fortune up for grabs on the basis of this ever fickle emotion.  He shames himself in all disgracefulness and all indignity for the meager “love” of a feeble female whose emotional commitments change in the blink of an eye.

For thousands and thousands of years, our ancestors who built our civilizations knew that to base marriage around this paper thin veneer called “love” or in other words….strong emotions, was the mark of a town idiot.  Instead marriage was a means not only for procreation but to ensure the Legacy of the Patriarch and strong sons for succession.  It was a way to form alliances and shared interests.  Most definitely it was NOT a way to feel all warm and queer inside.

Gaze upon the wasteland of our world modern male!  With your own eyes see the horror! 

Realize that the modern notion of love is one of the chief reasons we see such a disgusting array of inferior genes and useless eaters.  It is the reason we have around a 60% divorce rate if not more.  It is the reason faggots, trannies, gimps and all other manner of revolting mutants lay their claim to marriage as well.  Look upon the unrelenting degradation such notions have brought among your own families, your own communities.  A swath of destruction greater than any invading conqueror could ever imagine.  This is the poison you have allowed to seep into your heart and throughout your sinews!

Redefining Love For A Modern Savage

Here at TSL we know a great deal about Love and Hate.  Our love is not some cowards sentiment but the force of an axe cleaving through our enemies skulls.  Furiously do we love.

Our Hate is the conjured fury of a thousand lifetimes of ten thousand sorrows bellowing from our ancestor’s tombs. 

We love as deep as the ocean trenches and hate with the fire of the unconquerable Sun.  Whether demons or devils placed us here on this savage earth we care not.  We are the demons now!  We are the terrible devils for all of our enemies to fear!  For today we breath and today we strive onward with strength and vigor.  How can a man love if he first does not love himself?

How can he love anything worthwhile if he is so willing to degrade his own person at the feet of unworthy creatures?

We do not deny the power of love.  We only wish to spark it anew inside.  A bright and burning love for your own self!  In the strength of your hands and the burning in your hearts there is much to love.  For the cords of fate can be bound and undone by such hands.  Yes we shall love my friends.

We shall love ourselves in our rush to accumulate all the power, all the strength and all the fucking rage of our ancestors. 

With love we will TAKE what we will and cast to the outer darkness every last weak bitch and every obstacle in our way.  We will write songs to ourselves which proclaim our own glory!  Anyone who so much as dares to speak in objection will be ran through indifferently by our Claymore of Truth.

To all the weaklings, cucks and faggots.  Before you die we will take your daughters and your wives.  As you lay bleeding out on the ground you will see with your own sad eyes the lust and the desire in your daughter’s hearts for us.  Before we send you to the unforgiving pits of Sheol, know that our seed will run wild in your own daughters wombs and you will be gone FOREVER.

Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.